Composition and arrangement

I've composed and arranged original music for instrumental and vocal performance for the last five years. Genres include musical theater, a cappella, pop, and classical.

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Composition and arrangement

SS Splendor

A cutting-edge podcast musical currently in development. Winner of the 2020 Alsop Entrepreneurship Award and concieved in the Mannes Musical Theater Lab. I serve as Creator, Producer, Composer, Bookwriter, and Lyricist with my co-Creator Covi Loveridge Brannan. Learn more at

Original Songs

Written and composed by myself.


Composed, arranged and performed on “Body,” “EDEN” and “Like That."


I arranged River / Bottom of the River, Valerie, Control (nominated for best track, won best arrangement) for the Stanford Mendicants. I also arrange for my barbershop quartet, Madhattan.